Thighriding with WayV


Can you do one with Lucas of WayV, riding his thigh? I had a dream, and DAMN. I never realized how hot his thighs were until now.

Qian Kun:


Kun’s fingertips dug into your hips as you settled over his thigh. He couldn’t help but crack a smile as you did so. His hand moving to your ass to squeeze the flesh. This made you roll over his thigh, your panties clinging to you because of how wet you were. Kun could feel it over his bare thigh only making his hand pull you over thigh harsher. You gripped his shoulders before pressing your forehead to his. 

Make yourself cum on my thigh.” 



He had that cocky smile on his face as you rolled your hips over his thigh. He was still in his sweatpants from his practice earlier, but you were too needy. Leaving a wet patch on the gray material, you were too far gone to feel embarrassed. He had to admit, your reactions made him feel cocky. Flexing his thigh and laughing at your response, you couldn’t help but think he was enjoying this too much. 

Look at you, getting off on my thigh. You look like such a little slut.” 


This was new for him, but he loved it. Watching you fall apart all just because of his thigh. Sicheng sat back, his hands loosely on your hips as you moved over his thigh. You head was thrown back and he could only really watch in admiration as you did. You grabbed his hand as you got off on his thigh, lacing your fingers together before leaning forward to kiss him. He started feeling more adventurous, your tongues tangling and his hand moved to your ass to pull you against him more. 

You look so good.” 


Yukhei’s hand seemed to be everywhere, pulling you over his thigh with a satisfied smile. Your nails digging into his shoulders as the rest of your body went limp in his hands. His chuckle vibrated through his chest and he flexed his thigh. You let out a choked whimper, locking eyes with him as you did. “Yukhei~” You whined, his smile only getting bigger. 

You look so tiny spread out over my leg.” 


His eyes were hooded looking at you, his fingers toying with your hair as your body rolled over his thigh. You were chasing your high, not caring about how desperate you sounded or looked. Xiaojun’s other hand traced over the curves of your body. It was just incredibly fascinating to him, watching your body work over his thigh and leaving a small wet patch on his jeans. 

Something so beautiful about this.” 


His hair was silky between your fingers as you tugged on the tresses. You were using Kunhang’s hair as leverage, moaning as you rolled your hips over him. He couldn’t help but chuckle as you picked up speed. Wrapping his arms around your waist, he pulled your chest flush against his as your orgasm washed over you. Your chest heaving as you tried to keep your balance on him. 

Can’t believe my thighs made you cum like this.”

A/N: Leaving Yangyang out for now when it comes to smut

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