I’m kind of unlucky. Most times my faves…

I’m kind of unlucky. Most times my faves start dating it’s with someone I don’t like. I obviously respect their choices and support the relationship, but is it unlucky. Like, recently with the Jihyo X Daniel reveal. I personally dislike Kang Daniel. If she was with any other ex-W1 member I wouldn’t care that much. Anyways, I hope they both make each other happy.

I’m glad the rumours about Heechul and Momo da…

I’m glad the rumours about Heechul and Momo dating turned out to be false, but what really surprised me was the amount of fans who were so vehemently angry that other fans didn’t want Momo to date him.. Listen, I’m sure he’s a great guy and it’s nice that female idols have said nice things about him in the past, but at the end of the day, I don’t know him! I’ve never met him. He is literally a complete stranger to me, so I’m not gonna vouch for a personality I’ve never actual met before. All I see is a man almost in his 40s potentially courting a woman barely in her 20s. It’s gross and makes me as a woman uncomfortable. Not everything that is legal is going to make everyone feel ok. No one should call him ugly, but at the same time, it’s their opinion so sorry but I kinda don’t care.

As a Once, while I am pleased with the mostly …

As a Once, while I am pleased with the mostly positive reception to Daniel/Jihyo and the lack of negativity towards Jihyo from Daniel stans (even from Knetz), I am extremely disappointed in fellow INTERNATIONAL Onces/Jihyo stans insulting Daniel by calling him ugly/poor. Not cool guys. Just because it’s common for the female party in an idol relationship to be dragged by the male party’s fans does not mean the other way around is acceptable.



Breaking news for K-Pop fans!

Jihyo, the leader and main vocal of one of the most popular K-Pop girl groups TWICE, and Kang Daniel, the center of WANNA ONE, have confirmed that they are dating each other.

Photos published by Dispatch, their official statements and past interactions can be found below:

According to Dispatch, a source close to the two idols shared, “An [idol] sunbae close to Kang Daniel and Jihyo (rumoured to be 2AM’s Seulong) introduced the two to each other.” The two reportedly already liked each other since back in 2018 but did not date until the beginning of this year.

The two relied on each other for support during their recent hard times. Jihyo helped Kang Daniel when he was going through his rough times with his lawsuit, leading up to his solo debut. When Jihyo was tired from promotions, Kang Daniel was there to cheer her up.

Kang Daniel and Jihyo were seen on a date in the neighbourhood of Hannam in Seoul on August 1. The two reportedly met at Kang Daniel’s home, and Jihyo drove there in her own Mercedes Benz. The two stayed within the neighbourhood of UN Village.


Dispatch further reported that Kang Daniel and Jihyo met at least once a week. They were reportedly together on the day before Jihyo headed off for TWICE’s world tour and the day after she flew back to South Korea. Jihyo also reportedly met with Kang Daniel after his solo debut showcase on July 25.

Dispatch states that Jihyo and Kang Daniel are already an “official” couple known to all the members of TWICE. One of the members reportedly gave her a ride to Kang Daniel’s house and returned to pick her up again.

JYP Entertainment and KONNECT Entertainment have both confirmed this news swiftly, with the joint statement that:

“They are currently meeting with interest in each other.”

However, the couple have actually never actively hid their relationship even before Dispatch’s report.

Eagle-eyed fans have already seen Kang Daniel eating with Jihyo and other TWICE members and staff in an earlier post on TWICE’s official Instagram account, TWICETAGRAM. This suggests that they have been openly dating and all their friends and company staff already gave their blessings to the relationship.


Additionally, Kang Daniel and Jihyo have been caught giggling at each other when they made eye-contact during award shows.

Once again, congratulations to this new couple and wish them all the best!


Kang Daniel and Twice Jihyo dating reactions!

Here are the best reactions to the Kang Daniel and Twice Jihyo dating news, all compiled into one video. 🥰💖💫

I made this video for fun, but let’s remember to support both artists. Kpop idols deserve their own happiness, too. 🥰 #staystrongmark


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