Twice as your best friend


Can I get a fluffy twice members reaction as your best friend? Just like what they would be like with their non idol friend! Thank you, I hope you have a good day💜



Nayeon is anything but shy, she just wanted you have the same confidence as her. NAyeon will break you out of your comfort zone, tell you you look great not matter what you’re wearing and just be the person to make you feel good. Nayeon wants to go out but also really just likes chilling out and watching dramas with you. She loves bingeing dramas in one night with you. 



This princess loves taking care of you. She sees it as her duty as your best friend to do it and she does it without complaint. Jeongyeon would be the type of friend to by every type of food the two of you like and just set it out and say “Let’s just stay in eat and do nothing. Please.” And she would do this on days you were both feeling like crap. You two comfort eachother over a full stomach. 



Momo is the type of friend to show you something new she’s learned very enthousiastically and wants you to be proud of her. But she also just very much wants you to be the friend she can just laugh with. She needs you to not be serious with her all the time. She really needs the laughter. But that’s why she loves you, you know when to be serious and when not be with her. 


Sana is the definition of optimism, she is the type of friend to hate seeing you upset in any form. Sana wants to cheer you up and will do almost anything to do so. She tries to remain very cheerfull but you can see through that. So you are the person who allows her to break down. She likes taking you to see random movies at the theater and buying all forms of junkfood while at it. 


Jihyo and you love working out together, not because you feel the need to but because you enjoy it so much. You and Jihyo are eachother’s motivation but you definitely go out for lunch afterwards. Jihyo can get quite insecure and needs you to reassure her every now and then. But you have to take the moment to tease her with “GOD JIHYO! GOD JIHYO” It boosts her confidence but also embarrasses her a little which is a plus. 


If you are Mina’s best friend, you are by her side constantly. She needs you to be. Music shows? Yeah you’re behind the scenes with the staff. She just needs your support and loves having you around her. You and Mina are the type of friends to hang out and do seperate things but still feel like you are doing them together, talking and gossiping about things. She just likes keeping things lowkey. 


So being friends with Dahyun as you can imagine is a rollercoaster. Imagine dancing around a fast food resturaunt parking lot in the middle of the night and eating a crap ton of chicken nuggets. Like Dahyun is incredibly spontaneous and outgoing that you need to match her energy level. She wants to go out and do stuff until she is tuckered out… kind of like a toddler? 


Chaeyoung is so hard working. You need to remind her to slow down sometimes. She tests out new songs and stuff with you and gets your opinion on them before bringing them to light to the other Twice members. Chaeyoung likes just hanging around your house and the dorm just bingeing youtube meme vids and Twice reaction videos. She just wants to hang out and laugh with you. 


Tzuyu is very shy, she has been working through it and it’s quite noticeable. Tzuyu is very family orientated and considers you her family. Like Mina, she wants you around as much as she can have you around. Tzuyu is the most loyal best friend and will put you on top of her priority list if it comes down too it. She will never ever leave you behind in any way or form. 

People absolutely underestimate Twice. They ar…

People absolutely underestimate Twice. They are literally a vocal and dance group. One of the best to be said. Some of you in the comments will be like “ oH bUt ChEeR uP eRa WaS cRap ” so they are crap. No no that’s not how it works. The fact that these girls learn their choreo in 2 DAYS and to an amazing standard shows how damn good they are. Their voices in breakthrough * chef’s kiss*

I feel like JYP is pushing Nayeon to be more o…

I feel like JYP is pushing Nayeon to be more of a main vocal, and I really don’t like that. Her voice is okay, but I don’t want her to take over Jihyo’s job. If anyone should be made a main vocal, it’s Jeongyeon. Her voice is amazing, and I think it goes better with Jihyo’s, than Nayeon’s, like in I WANT U BACK, Jihyo’s and Jeongyeon’s voices really fit, but Nayeon’s? Not so much. Nayeon is still amazing though!! I just don’t really like her voice so much.

Whenever I watch a fancam of Tzuyu from Twic…

Whenever I watch a fancam of Tzuyu from Twice the comments are so creepy. It’s always about Tzuyu’s perfect body and her perfect lips and long legs and how sexy Tzuyu is. It’s honestly very creepy and it isn’t even just on current fancams, it’s on videos from back when she was a minor. It’s really disturbing and I wish people wouldn’t do this sort of thing.

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