Hey Guys~ (Semi Inactivity)

Idk if you guys noticed, but I haven’t personally been on tumblr for a while now. I  come around to queue (sometimes forget lol) and leave, mainly because I have been so busy. I thought you guys deserve an update.

I am now a senior in college and worked the whole summer at an internship. College has sucked the life out of me but I am somehow still standing 😂. I will be graduating next year with a double major in Anthropology: Global Health Track and Psychology. How I actually achieved this, I have no idea. But I just wanted to pop and in and say thank you to everyone who keeps checking out the blog! I still get surprised when I look at the notes on this blog, and see blogs that have been following since like forever ago. 

When I started this blog I was a little 13 years old middle school kid (some people might still argue that I am a kid lol) and throughout the years I have seen it grow to a level I was not expecting. It has come to the point where this blog is a big part of me. I have met so many people here and made friendships that helped me during the most confusing times of my life. I also got to chat with so many people from all over the world (tbh I miss how social and interactive I used to be on this blog).

Starting today the blog will be going on a semi inactivity period. I know I have had a lot of moments of inactivity since I started college, but this is the first time I am announcing one. I have noticed that my activity level correlates very well with the shifts in my college life. But unlike the last couple of times, my inactivity is not due to stress but rather, because I am going to study abroad!! This semester I’ll be in Kenya studying Global Health and Human Rights. I’ll be gone until December but don’t know if I’ll have a good enough connection to frequent Tumblr. You guys might see a couple of posts here and there and I’ll definitely keep you guys updated on the status of the break once I get there.

In the meanwhile, you can find me at my other blog: https://myactualpersonalblog.tumblr.com (I might post here more frequently cause I don’t overthink the post quality as much as I do for this blog lol)

IDK why I am made this  such a long note. But I just wanted to say thank you for the support~! And I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!




Monsta X reaction to someone asking them witch member would help them to get rid of a body is the funniest thing I’ve seen today

please jooheon and minhyuk looked so shocked

and meanwhile wonho and shownu were really concentrated on the person who was talking

I’ve laughed at the video for almost five minutes

Then you have Changkyun just casually considering whom to throw under the bus as a murderer because he is that friend who will help you bury the body lol

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