I personally don’t care about K-Pop, but owning Apple?

Yeah, keep doing that, Momo. I support you


Momo owning apple:


No idea who MOMO is (except what’s written here, but I have no idea of kpop is what I mean) , but something trending over an apple event? Awesome


#1 in trending (:



grown ass men absolutely losing it on twitter because the #1 in worldwide trending is a kpop girl group member who changed her hairstyle and no longer has bangs instead of some apple event is sending me

thanks Momo from TWICE for showing your forehead, you absolute legend

Hey Guys!

Just wanted to check in, how have you guys been? I haven’t logged in, in almost 1.5 months. I’ve officially been in East Africa for 2 months and should be back to posting in about 6 weeks! Time has gone so fast, I miss tumblr (well more like the people here and the fandom fun). Sadly it takes up so much data, and I don’t have wifi where I am staying. But I can’t wait to be back full time soon!

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