If y’all wanna be gross and drop sunmi because she clarified she didn’t come out then THEN LEAVE. Sunmi LITERALLY SAID GAY RIGHTS and has embraced the community and as an ally has done so much more than wear a t-shirt or listen to a gay song she’s vocalized her support and that’s still a very brave thing for a kpop star to do.

She’s made it clear she didn’t come out so either she’s straight and we need to respect that or she’s not ready to come out WHICH WE STILL NEED TO RESPECT. Because being lgbt as a high profile korean celebrity is a huge risk in itself and unfortunately jeopardizes her domestic career. We love our LGBT ally queen sunmi end of story

[Articles] Jessica Jiyeon gets personal in MV …


Article: Jessica Jiyeon comments on her failed marriage in “TRUCE” MV.

Source: The Chosun Ilbo via Nate

1. [+1,135, -154] “TRUCE” is my favorite song from “Homecoming”. The part with the home movie actually made me tear up. Good job Jessica.

2. [+815, -77] I know she’s said publicly she regretted getting married. I’m glad she’s making peace with that time in her life.

3. [+776, -45] Her husband was an abusive, garbage son of a mobster turned businessman. He even tried to sue Jessica when she filed for divorce! I wouldn’t be surprised if he were somehow involved with Seungri and Burning Sun!!

4. [+319, -81] It’s a shame this era was eclipsed by Bom & Sunmi’s comebacks. Songs like Truce and I Don’t Love You deserve to be hits.



YG and NAVER will pay for their deceit!”, Jessica Jiyeon’s company threatens action against alleged co-conspirators!

Source: My Daily via Nate

1. [+901, -30] It is suspicious Bom was so well received when the song was super generic + she sounded awful! People say YG didn’t have anything to do with it, but he made her. Why wouldn’t he help by hurting her direct competition as one last favor?

2. [+708, -27] Jessica was buried by Naver, while Bom was featured on the front page. All links to “Homecoming” were re-routed to the search page. Naver deserve to burn along with YGE.

3. [+642, -2] Naver has been in YG’s pocket forever. This has been common knowledge.

4. [+455, -49] Jessica’s company is only crying foul because Bom beat her. Face it, Jessica: THE REAL VOCAL QUEEN WON!!!

5. [+183, -88] Why do we care about either of them?

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