K-Pop life lessons (2 year old blog anniverary…

I believe that music is something that can bring people together. I believe that the musicians we listen too and the things they create can teach us things. This goes for every genre, not just K-Pop. But there is a stigma around K-Pop of it just being men and women dancing around singing about ice cream, rainbows and happiness. It can be that, but it can be incredibly meaningfull and the artists teach us things. 

Here are some things I have learned: 

Monsta X , BTOB and Seventeen taught me that family isn’t just blood, it can go further than that. Your friends can become your family. 

SHINee and VIXX taught me that it’s perfectly fine to go against the grain of what others do. As long as you stay yourself. 

Day6 taught me that it’s okay to feel alone sometimes, but in the end you are never truly alone. 

Sistar, Girl’s Generation, AOA, Mamamoo etc have taught me that it’s okay to be confident and speak my mind when I feel like I am being done wrong. 

Here are some life lessons that other Kpop fans have chosen to share with me

“stray kids taught me that
it’s perfectly okay to be sad, depressed, or have anxiety because there’s
always a light at the end of the tunnel and so there’s so many people just like


“Super Junior taught me
how to smile and laugh again after I had spent so much time barley going
through the motions.”

-signed, A Shy Male ELF.

“VIXX and BTS taught me that even when you might feel down and think
that nothing matters, eventually everything is going to get better.”


“Day6 taught me that’s
it’s okay to go at my own pace and everyone can feel lonely and thats okay
Stray Kids thought me that everyone feels lost at some point and going into
adulthood is scary and longing to go back to the easier days is normal”


“BTS taught me that I
can’t always think about everyone else, I’m young and I have my own dreams to
go after. If I need it, I’ll take the time to sort my sht out. That’s thanks to
SUGA’s ‘Nevermind’. Mikrokosmos made me realize I have a reason for being here
right now, and my existence does matter. These two songs had lyrics that pulled
me out of suicidal thoughts i’d been dealing with for 6 years. It’s so weird
that certain lyrics had that effect on me. Although I still have depression and
social anxiety, I’m slowly getting over it. I’m finding myself.”


“This is pretty basic, but
BTS and Got7’s Jackson are teaching me to love myself since I hate myself to my
core. It’s a long road but I know I’ll get there eventually ❤️⭐️”


I know this isnt strictly what you asked butVixx and esp, Hakyeon
inspire me. I see him being a leader and helping his members, vlogging, serving
his country, moving out, spending time with friends and family, doing charity
work in a very super low key way, being kind, gracious and just a lovely human
being and it reminds me that’s what I need to be. I want to inspire and carry
myself with the level of maturity and grace he has.”


“Wanna One taught me the
right way to life with memories, to not get stuck in the past holding onto
memories crying because they’re not coming back, instead I’ve learned to
treasure memories and see them as something beautiful without pain, but with a
smile on my face.”


“VIXX and BTS showed me that there is nothing wrong with being sexually
dominant and identifying as a woman – their subby concepts gave me
metaphorical wings. (my name is Coral but I don’t have a tumblr I just check
yours sorry)”


“Monsta x and Dreamcatcher taught me to never give up on your dreams, no
matter what anyone says, the amount of pain and heatbreak, or how long it
takes. Dreamcatcher specifically taught me that it is okay to start over if
what you were doing in your life did not turn out to be what you wanted.
Sometimes it takes a little more time to figure yourself out before you are
happy. ( Their story of how they went from Minx to Dreamcatcher really inspires


N.flying taught me that it’s okay to be weird, out of the box, and
different. Taught me how to accept my weird personality and find others that
accepted it as well.”


“So for me, it was VIXX. They were my first group and they came into my
life at the right time. I had hit an all time low with my depression. ‘Error’
distracted me from the bad in the world and it was through them that I learned
that there was still beauty in the world. Their lyrics inspired and Ravi in
particularly inspired with his own struggles and his outlooks on life. I don’t
think I would be here or at least as happy as as stable as I am if it wasn’t
for them.”


“A lot of the groups have fought me the families don’t end in blood,
that you can make your own if needed, mainly 17 and Victon”

-🦋 anon

“iKON, EXO, and Monsta X
taught me what a real family looks like, and how to support my fam through
thick and thin. The most important lesson is that family doesn’t end with
blood, and sometimes it doesn’t even start with blood. After all, the blood
from a pact with your real family will always be thicker than the water of the


“Red Velvet didn’t really
teach me much, but they gave me a reason to smile. Wendy said this on VLIVE a
little after RV’s 5th anniversary: “I will always be there for you, I will
be there even when you leave because you can always come back to me.”
(paraphrasing) It made me cry a little on the inside because I found them the
summer before I started high school. It was really rough but I had their music
to make me happy.”


“Tbh I got into kpop at a crazy time I’m a young mom and I felt so out
of touch with who I am. It was more than one group, but the combination of
“fun thing for me ” and BTS had just started the love yourself
series… it meant the world to me to remind myself that the me that exists
under “mom” was worth love too.”


“Got7 taught me that it’s okay to have fun while chasing your dreams and
ambitions. You’re not doing anything wrong while having fun cause you’re still
on the path you wanna go. Even if there are people that don’t believe in your
dreams remember that you’re doing for yourself, not for them. Do what makes you


“Blackpink taught me to be the badass
woman i am today. I think without them i would still be in my shell of
depression and fear. Got7 didnt teach me anything they saved my life. Their
music calms me and makes me feel loved with saying how beautiful, amazing, and
perfect you are in their lyrics. I know it may sound cliche but their music has
helped me a lot feel beautiful and good about myself. Bts did the same. both
got7 and bts had taught me that i deserve better. They became my safe space
when i have panic attack. They both helped me get me out of sexually abusive
relationship and helped me gain the friends i have today. I have great friends
that arent toxic and a closer relationship with my mom. I even met my boyfriend
because without got7 and bts words i would have never gotten out of my house,
get on dating sights, and go to japan. They have helped me immensely when i
used to be shut in.”


“RM of BTS reminded me that I love
writing poetry to express the things I can’t tell anyone. TOP of BIGBANG showed
me that someone with anxiety issues can still do anything. Most of all, most of
the groups I love have given me a community I can trust with more than just
Kpop stuff- I feel safe telling fellow Kpop stans that I’m trans and nonbinary
because I’ve seen such a supportive and loving community here.”


“Kpop fan culture has taught me that
you will always have a friend if you need one. Also that if someone is in
distress another WILL come to help. Stray Kids, Bts, Seventeen etc.: have
taught me that it’s okay to love myself and that if they love me I should love
myself too.”


“Stray kids taught me to never give up no matter how
long it’s going to take, it’s okay to take your time and that no matter what
I’m going through everything is going to be okay. Bts taught me that’s it’s
okay to not have a dream and to just do whatever makes me happy and they also
taught me how to be myself…like I should be always be myself and that there
is nothing ‘wrong’ with me…if that make sense”


“Kpop has taught me a lot of things subtly
over the past couple years. But the ones I can really pick out are that. It
taught me how not to give up on life when things get tough but just step back.
It taught me how and when to cut out toxic people from my life. It taught me
that I can still do so much despite my mental health and that my mental
illnesses don’t define me. It’s also inspired me to start drawing again after a
long bout of art block.”


“Kpop as a whole has
taught me to be myself, to live more creatively and not to hide anymore.”


Alot of these brought me to tears and I am so glad you all decided to participate in this and I really appreciate it. Please stick with me for the years to come ♥

personally out of all the 10+ membered group…

personally out of all the 10+ membered groups in kpop, svt was the easiest for me to remember and distinguish each member. to me they all seem to have p specific/distinctly defined characters, and the subunit system helped a ton. ironically, nct’s unit system made me struggle a lot when getting to know their members and it took me ages to remember their names and which members were part of which units

I think comparing NCT choreo with SVT choreo i…

I think comparing NCT choreo with SVT choreo is fruitless; it’s like apples and oranges, neither can be said to be objectively better than the other. NCT’s choreo style is more like hiphop dance crews while SVT is more reminiscent of something like a ballet or musical theatre troupe (even when they do ‘darker’ choreo). Both groups are very skilled but they have pretty different styles and strengths, so comparing the groups is mostly just a matter of preference

i think seventeen’s minghao is one of the most…

i think seventeen’s minghao is one of the most well-rounded idols right now. i think he’s one of the top dancers, his singing and rapping are both good, but, more than anything, he has some of if not the best stage and camera presence of the 3rd generation. he has a super charming personality and his photography and fashion that he does on the side are great too. i love to watch him perform, and i hope he continues to be even more successful!

i hadny seen an episode or video of PDX while …

i hadny seen an episode or video of PDX while it aired but i kept seeing people saying PDX’s Suhwan and Yuvin were Woozi and Mingyu lookalikes respectively. i recently stumbled across a few pics and vids of them and i was ?????????????? bc they look nothing like them at ALL. why were there so many people calling them that???????

ive always thought that there was something to…

ive always thought that there was something to svt’s dancing that felt a bit different from other boy groups (besides the synchronization) and i realized that there’s a certain elegance to their movements that i don’t tend to see super often with bgs. even with their more hard-hitting dances like getting closer or ccc, and even hit. there are of course lots of individual male idols who dance v gracefully, but svt as a group have a certain collective grace that not many bgs have

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