Ateez as Vampires | Seonghwa


Flower: Heliotrope – eternal love (Or red salvia – forever mine) 

Blood red roses, moonlight through lacy curtains, wrought iron gates in front of gothic castles, velvet, crimson eyes, snowy forests & rose petals over snow

– Suave and charming, the type of vampire everyone secretly hopes they’ll meet

– He would have an intimidating aura about him, his eyes sharp and intense, everything about him a bit too porcelain perfect 

– Despite that, he’d be so gentle and delicate, always speaking in a soft voice and being helpful and gentlemanly

– Insecure that people would reject him or fear him, so he’d do his best to be charming and likable so they wouldn’t 

– The traditional romantic vampire, charming and seemingly perfect but lonely 


– He’d be drawn to you when you treat him as you would anyone else, not paying any special attention to him or treating him as if he was different

– Attentive to everything about you, curious about all your quirks and traits, and likes and dislikes. He’d pick up on even the smallest details

– Him keeping his distance, afraid that you wouldn’t accept him if you really got to know him

– Him being so bewildered by you when you’d love him no matter what, even accepting his darker sides that he would try to keep hidden

– Him becoming so attached, always loyal and protective of you above anyone else

Rising boy band ATEEZ is ready for the summer …

Rising boy band ATEEZ is ready for the summer in “WAVE” MV!

Do you love this beach party banger?

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