Exo: How they react to their S/O doing kabedon…

My first Exo reaction (I think XD) yay!! (I feel like this title is worded so poorly but I didn’t know what else to put?? Kabedon-ing them?? Idk >_>) The request was for a shorter/smaller S/O but I decided to just do S/O to keep it inclusive! Imagine it how you like though ^^

Also, if you don’t know: Kabedon is when someone hits their hands on the wall to pin someone to it. 



(Could’ve chosen a better example tbh but it’s Seo Kang Joon soo…)

(ALSO: Lengths vary with each member, depending on what I imagined! It’s not that I’m specifically trying to focus on certain members. Sometimes reactions will be more simple whereas others will be extra. And it’s not like each time I do a reaction I will not write as much for a certain member, it changes with each post. I know most of you know that but sometimes people complain so) ((However, I really did go extra with Sehun here. XD))



(This could go one of two ways depending on his mood but I chose the fluffy one bc it’s cute >w< The alternative is similar to Xiumin lol)

– He immediately starts giggling, surprised at the suddenness of it 

– He’d find it so cute and sweet tbh

– Ends up just hugging you, unable to handle it 

– Secretly hopes you’ll do it again in the future 



– He’d let you have your fun for a moment, smiling and finding it cute

– But not for long >:)

– Kabedons you back, slipping around you and pinning you up against the wall

– Your heart races as he grins, satisfied with the look of flustered surprise on your face



– Doesn’t really know what’s going on 

– But he doesn’t really mind 😂

– You can’t keep a straight face because he’s so giggly and confused but so sweet and patient 

– You end up getting embarrassed, covering your face and laughing while he reassures you, trying to hold in his laughter so as not to embarrass you more 



– Effective kabedon #1

– He’ll be going on about something when suddenly you pin him against the wall, shutting him up completely

– Pink would spread across his cheeks, his eyes widening as he tried to figure out what you were up to

– He can’t stop smiling and staring, so smitten and pleasantly surprised by your sudden forwardness



– He cannot 😂 Especially if you are smaller than him

– He would find things like this so sweet and precious but he couldn’t help but tease you

– He’d squish your cheeks, kissing your forehead and praising you for trying 

-…And then would slip under your arm, running off and leaving you shook 



– Effective kabedon #2

– Actually gets flustered because he finds it so cute 

– Even if you were just doing it jokingly or you were smol he wouldn’t be able to help it 

– Nervous laughter, rosy cheeks, tummy butterflies, help him



– You’re always doing stuff like that to surprise him and he loves it tbh

– But of course he won’t admit it easily

– Stares at you with the most serious face trying not to break into a smile

– Obviously he’d fail and wouldn’t be able to stop giggling



– He wouldn’t react too much, just staring and smiling 

– *Awkward silence*

– You get embarrassed and walk off without saying anything

– He laughs about it for the rest of his life 



– Outwardly judging you, inwardly finding it cute that you tried it on him. You notice his ears turning red, and can’t resist the urge to tease him a bit further 

– You would grin, catching him off guard as you lean in close, faces only centimeters apart. His heart would skip a beat, not used to you being so forward

– You;d watch as his whole face went pink, closing his eyes as your lips approached his. At the last minute, you’d try to slip away and leave him hanging

-…But he’d grab your arm, pinning you to the wall instead, not letting you get away with your teasing

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