Rising boy band ATEEZ is ready for the summer …

Rising boy band ATEEZ is ready for the summer in “WAVE” MV!

Do you love this beach party banger?

Rising boy band ATEEZ is back in “ILLUSION” MV…

Rising boy band ATEEZ is back in “ILLUSION” MV!

Do you love this laid-back song?

Ateez: How they react to their S/O calling the…

(Fluffy/cute way)

I’m going to start trying to upload a bunch of things I’ve had in my drafts or list for a long time, so it might not be 100% perfect (I won’t be proofreading a lot of it) so just bear with me!!^^ 


– He’d love the way you called him that. He would smile so wide, pressing his tongue to the corner of his mouth

– He’s so smitten by you that when you call him things like this he cannotttt

– He will go full uwu cutie, just for you

– Even though he’s heard it before from fans and such, it would be completely different and new coming from you. Anytime you call him that he’d swoon :’)



– *rubs his eyes to make sure he heard you correctly for some reason*

– Kinda wants you to say it again but doesn’t want to seem weird so he’d just ask you to repeat yourself as though he didn’t hear you 

– The widest grin would spread across his face. He’d feel so pleased with himself when you called him things like that 

– Anytime he remembers you saying it, his heart would flutter and he’d get an attack of butterflies in his stomach.

He loves being cared for like this and would be the softest for it TwT



– (^^ him when you finally call him something like that)

– When he hears you say it he’d double take, eyes widening as a smile spread across his face

– He’d want to say something and tease you but he’d be too flushed and taken aback so he’d just stay quiet lol

– Anytime you called him that he’d completely melt, you’d have him wrapped around your finger 



– When the words ‘baby boy’ came out of your mouth he would die

– The widest smile would spread across his pink face. He’d hide his face with his hands, all flustered and embarrassed 

– He would never admit it, but he loves when you call him things like that. He won’t stop smiling about it for ages 

– You keep calling him that to tease him, making him a whole mess



– “Baby boy?” He’d repeat, the sweetest smile emerging slowly

– His cheeks would go all pink and he wouldn’t be able to stop smiling and giggling

– Baby boy energy increases 1000%


He’d hide his smiles with hugs and snuggles 



(Shhh yes I know I overuse gifs but they’re cute ok?)

– When you called him baby boy, he wouldn’t be able to keep himself from laughing and teasing a bit, which embarrasses you 

– Until you notice him blushing and the tables turn >:)

– You tease him endlessly, calling him like that until his whole face is red 

– He loves being doted on by you though so he’d be soft and happy ♥



– 100% owns this new title

– You would already call each other things like this so it wouldn’t surprise him too much

– He still would be all giggly about it though ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

– Perhaps he asks you to say it again



– He’d be so taken aback. He’d want to protest…Or did he? 

– Doesn’t really say anything, but you notice his ears would be all hot and red

– You end up getting overwhelmed with how shy and cute he can be and end up doting over him which makes him even more embarrassed

– He spends the rest of the day trying to figure out what you meant by it, and how he feels about it 😂

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