Ateez as Vampires | San


Flower: Violet – loyalty, devotion (Or black rose)

Flower bouquets, gems and stones, goblets, marble staircases, sparkling chandeliers, deep red eyes, moonlight over a rose garden

– He’d have a cute, charming and (seemingly) innocent energy and wouldn’t be very stereotypically vampire-esque

– The softest vampire, he’d be the one that would outwardly change the least. It would only show if he wanted it to, such as when he performed and things like that

– His cuteness and charm would get to people, making them trust him and care for him

– Sometimes his face would completely change, his usual sweet expression completely gone

– He *might* secretly be evil

– Him somehow making his way into your life over time, eventually just always being there with you

– Very physically touchy and clingy, often holding your hands, hugging you, etc. He’d especially love to hug you from behind, his arms around you, his head resting on your shoulder

– So sweet and thoughtful, loving to spoil you with everything you wanted and more

– Him being so astonished by you when you’d see through his innocent facade, but still loved him anyway

– He’d be another one that would be likely to change whoever he loved so he could be with them forever

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