I think my favourite thing about NCT’s tour …

I think my favourite thing about NCT’s tour is the fact that each member of 127 was given a city, then they personally went online and asked for tourists recommendations, and they genuinely read and considered them and went to the places we told them too. It’s nice to see them interacting so much, giving honest replies, and then showing that they’re listening to us. I think this concept was very cute, and a good move on SM. I also like that they each have their own # for their city and upload regular videos of themselves going to the recommended places with the date of their choice.

One of my biggest fears with my faves coming…

One of my biggest fears with my faves coming to America is that they’ll leave thinking “That was awful” and unfortunately, I feel like that’s the direction NCT are headed with the US portion of their tour. They were stalked, disrespected, had fans break onto their bus, and I feel so bad. I really hope they don’t leave thinking bad thoughts about the US portion, but I fear they will. I could also just be overthinking but it’s still a fear.


Johnny from Chicago ❤️ [must-read Reddit!]

If you want to experience some giddying wholesomeness today, this is it! https://www.reddit.com/r/kpop/comments/c0gp2x/i_grew_up_with_johnny_from_nct_127_and_just_found/

So people from Chicago (Johnny’s hometown) just found out he’s actually famous!!! 💚💚💚

Ahhh the comments and stuff are just so precious. There’s also some yearbook photos in there, lol, for all you Johnny biases. 😌 (More in the link above!)

So proud of NCT!!! 💚✨😊

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