I agree with that anon about taeyong lacking a…

I agree with that anon about taeyong lacking as a leader. it seems like all he wants is to just be the center of everything and doesnt care to give it to other members. it also seems like no one is close to him or messes around with him other than doyoung and all they do is fight

?? I’m confused by this. Johnny and Taeyong are so close and Taeyong is so close to the dreamies? And like everyone else? He is literally the groups center and not even by choice. SM ent makes a lot of decisions for their idols and this is one of them. 

I don’t think Taeyong has it easy, I think Taeyong has a hard time being leader of 24 people, but considering I think he’s doing fine. I also have literally never seen anyone in NCT seriously fight, tease yes but fight NO. 

I feel bad for Taeyong at this point

I don't really like Jungwoo of NCT. I don…

I don't really like Jungwoo of NCT. I don't hate him and I don't not want him to be in NCT but I've never been able to click with his personality. I feel this was about a couple more members too and I feel bad about it but I'm also not going to force myself to pretend to love them. Of course, I wish them the best and would never send hate but there just not my favourites

I mean I can’t click with certain members from certain groups, but i get it. at least you don’t openly send hate etc. Some peoples personality just don’t click with you it’s normal

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