I think comparing NCT choreo with SVT choreo i…

I think comparing NCT choreo with SVT choreo is fruitless; it’s like apples and oranges, neither can be said to be objectively better than the other. NCT’s choreo style is more like hiphop dance crews while SVT is more reminiscent of something like a ballet or musical theatre troupe (even when they do ‘darker’ choreo). Both groups are very skilled but they have pretty different styles and strengths, so comparing the groups is mostly just a matter of preference

I love NCT with all my heart, but I feel like …

I love NCT with all my heart, but I feel like they’re going to flop soon. Yeah, their sales are good. But the new members barely have any fans and aren’t as well known, and I fear the same would happen for other members that get added. It’s also really expensive to have a group like NCT, with the amount of members and variety of concepts. And it sucks, because all the members of NCT are ridiculously talented. I really hope I’m wrong though.


SM Announces Plans of New Super Boy Group

The new boy group will consist of Shinee’s Taemin, EXO’s Kai and Baekhyun, NCT’s Taeyong and Mark, and WayV’s Lucas and Ten.

The members have been dubbed by fans as the group’s “aces.”

The group reportedly will not be a project or station. Rather, it will be an actual fixed group with regular promotions, comebacks, and the like.

Regarding the reports of this new boy group, SM’s response was, “Please wait for further announcement on August 8.”

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