Johnny from Chicago ❤️ [must-read Reddit!]

If you want to experience some giddying wholesomeness today, this is it!

So people from Chicago (Johnny’s hometown) just found out he’s actually famous!!! 💚💚💚

Ahhh the comments and stuff are just so precious. There’s also some yearbook photos in there, lol, for all you Johnny biases. 😌 (More in the link above!)

So proud of NCT!!! 💚✨😊

As far as I can tell, NCT is the best active K…

As far as I can tell, NCT is the best active Kpop group at regularly giving fans updates and content. I think with so many members and units, it’d be a mistake to not have regular updates. And really the only fans who disagree are solo stans, but their opinions are all naturally invalid, so it doesn’t matter. If one unit isn’t updating, another is. Every single week, multiple times a week, there’s new content on one of the main channels.They’re really good at staying connected with us.

Jaehyun finally came through a dropped a bit o…

Jaehyun finally came through a dropped a bit of his skin care routine, but I found some of his fans surprised by how expensive the toner he uses is. Um, Jaehyun is (most likely) a million dollar idol, he’s not using over the counter Walmart cosmetics on rollback. And as Doyoung even said, if we use the products he does, we still won’t get his skin, it’s genetic. I hope no one tries to spend money they don’t have to get to an unattainable outcome.

I want people to acknowledge momo (twice), seu…

I want people to acknowledge momo (twice), seungyeon (clc), DK(ikon), and yugyeom (Got7), Ten (NCT/ wayv) and zelo ( former BAP) as great 3rd gen dancers. They are so slept on when it comes to their talent. Everyone makes it seem like the only good dancers are lisa and jungkook. New kpop fans like to act like no one else exist and it’s annoying.

NCT is the only boy group that I keep up and l…

NCT is the only boy group that I keep up and listen to all their music, but the fandom is pretty toxic at times. It’s annoying how some people complain about 127 being over promoted and Dream not getting enough opportunities, and I partially agree. Dream does deserve to be promoted better but 127’s main concept was to go global and they’re doing a really good job promoting in America and getting more people interested in them. All we ever do is complain and not appreciate what we’re given.


Jaehyun being competitive af for 5 minutes

Hi guys!

So I’ve just started a YouTube channel—username caitlined—and uploaded my first video! Pretty new to this, but hope you can check it out. 💖

Basically…because Jaehyun is my bias and he’s the most competitive dimply bread out there and I love him so much. :((

Hope you enjoy!

I would love to meet Mark Lee when he’s drun…

I would love to meet Mark Lee when he’s drunk because he sounds drunk when he’s sober. I watched an IG live he did with Jaehyun that was almost entirely in English and still didn’t know what was going on most of the time. I don’t think Mark or Jaehyun did either lol. Although in Jaehyuns defence he was speaking in a foreign language. I don’t know what Marks excuse is, but I bet conversations with him late at night when he can’t sleep must be lit. He’s definitely one of my favourite idols.

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