I would love to meet Mark Lee when he’s drun…

I would love to meet Mark Lee when he’s drunk because he sounds drunk when he’s sober. I watched an IG live he did with Jaehyun that was almost entirely in English and still didn’t know what was going on most of the time. I don’t think Mark or Jaehyun did either lol. Although in Jaehyuns defence he was speaking in a foreign language. I don’t know what Marks excuse is, but I bet conversations with him late at night when he can’t sleep must be lit. He’s definitely one of my favourite idols.


Mark Lee: Laughter 💛✨🥰 (From Happy Crush to True Love)

Wrote this while I was sleepy so~ please forgive if ever~ will correct things soon if needed! Anyway, please pray for my grades that I may ace my course, ty! 🥰💖🙏🏻

Every time Mark Lee laughs, a fairy gains her wings. ✨

  • You never thought Mark was cute before.
  • (And, let’s face it, until now he may not exactly be your bias or bias wrecker).
  • But…
  • See, that’s the thing about happy crushes.
  • They creep up on you.
  • Like, big-time.
  • Real sneaky if you ask me.
  • You’ve always respected and liked Mark, after all.
  • That boy was talented, kind, and hardworking.
  • And yet…maybe his looks or cheekbones or whatever weren’t your type.
  • But one day,
  • as you get to know him more,
  • you’d find yourself falling for him.
  • Maybe it’s his large eyes, so innocent and pure and full of energy, and the way they get rounder and bigger each and every second.
  • Maybe it’s his work ethic, the way he’s so determined, the way he dances so effortlessly and raps so seamlessly—thanks to hours and hours of overpractice.
  • Or maybe it’s his laugh. His straight-up beautiful laugh. The way his big eyes crinkle and his smile-wrinkles come out. The unabashed, unashamed sounds of pure joy and happiness.
  • Maybe then you’d start thinking, Hey, Mark is cute.
  • Oof.
  • And that’s when it all starts!!!
  • You see, happy crushes start when you think someone is cute.
  • And you dismiss it early on as a mere happy crush, another one of those mere measly happy crushes that don’t get anywhere else.
  • Except—and what do you expect?—some of them (especially if that person is Mark freaking Lee) become…more. More and more and more.
  • Because once you get to know him better, and he you, you’d both realize how easy talking to each other is.
  • You have yet to sort out the confusing butterfly feelings in your heart, or the way your eyes light up when you see him.
  • You love making conversations with him, you just hit it off, whether it’s just casual chit-chatting or playful banter.
  • Mark is just the warmest and friendlier person ever, and you love the way his round eyes light up when he talks about something.
  • Once he gets more comfortable around you, you tend to tease each other as well.
  • He’d joke around with you with corny jokes. And when he’s clumsy, you’d scold him jokingly: “Mark Leeeeee!”
  • He laughs too much at inappropriate things, but we’ll let that go now.
  • In fact, the running joke is how he can never resist putting “Hahahaha” online or even in his chats with you!
  • He also has the shallowest sense of humor ever, but in a good way.
  • Like. You could make the barest minimum of a joke. And if it tickles his senses in the slightest, he’d still burst out laughing.
  • That’s another thing, the laughter.
  • It’s what makes you fall in love with him deeper.
  • It’s just so pure and loud and child-like and…and…happy. 🥰
  • The final straw is when you start spending more and more time together.
  • Getting to know him more, in a deeper and more personal way…familiarizing yourselves with each other’s antics…and you just appreciating Every Single Thing about his being…
  • And you’d think, with shock: Hold up. I like Mark Lee.
  • I think I love him, even.
  • Oh no.
  • Because you know as familiar and close you are with Mark…as much as how he makes you smile, how you two have late night talks and conversations, how you two spend a lot of time together…
  • You know Mark’s kindness is just that, a kindness and a warmth that he spreads and shows to everyone. And that’s it. That’s all.
  • And you know he himself has said he isn’t a romantic.
  • And it devastates you in a way you don’t know how…
  • He’s just so kind!
  • So earnest.
  • And you resolve to not hurt yourself.
  • Every little word, every random fobersgaion, every time spent hanging out together…well, that was a step towards true love from happy crush-ness.
  • And now it’s every step towards pain.
  • Because what was once a happy crush has developed into true love.
  • You still spend a great deal of time messaging him online and you still hang together at times in real life,
  • but slowly and surely,
  • you begin to pull away…
  • Mark doesn’t notice it at first, but soon he realizes how much you’re becoming busy.
  • And he doesn’t take it personally, and doesn’t take it the wrong way at all.
  • Because that’s Mark.
  • He’s the sweetest and most understanding person ever.
  • He still laughs like tinkling bells, but they ring a sad tune in your heart now.
  • Mark never told you, since he thought you were out of his league, but secretly he started developing a crush on you, too.
  • He’s too scared and hurt to admit that he actually loves you more than you know.
  • And that’s okay, he tells himself, you’re probably better off without him.
  • It isn’t until you randomly run to each other in a convenience store when you face each other properly and in person again.
  • Mark is still shy, and respectful of the space you’ve created around yourself when it comes to him.
  • But when he asks you how you’ve been, and you give a dry response about how you could be doing better, he still laughs that deep, beautiful, and pure laugh of his…
  • Unbelievable.
  • He asks you why you don’t use the same route home, and you tell him you like the alone time you get using the back street.
  • You don’t know it, but you’re telling Mark that you don’t want him, as well.
  • And it pierces him in a way that you don’t know about. (Oh, if only you knew.)
  • But when he insists on walking you home, you don’t insist too much on refusing. (Stupid!)
  • And when he walks with you, there’s still that friendly camaraderie, that friendly banter,
  • And despite the space you’ve created around yourself…you’re still lonely and so is he and both of you still hit it off while talking to each other.
  • Once you both reach your doorway, he tells you that he wishes you liked him half as much as he liked you. And you’re like…of course I like you.
  • You’re about to go in when Mark grabs your hand. “You like me? Really?”
  • You don’t know what it is,
  • Maybe the way his eyes widened so innoncelh again…
  • Maybe his hand and its warmth on yours…
  • Or maybe it’s the laughter, like a peak of silver bells, ringing throughout the air when you nod yes…
  • Or the way you have the shortest yet cutest first kiss ever. 💖
  • Mark Lee may have never been your bias,
  • But he’s just the warmest and kindest person ever. Not to mention talented and super kind as well. His laughter alone can heal your soul, and well, let’s face it:
  • It’s your favorite sound in the world.
  • And as for Mark?
  • His favorite sound is your voice.
  • But his favorite person?
  • That’s you. 💓

The End~ here’s to Mark and more of his beautiful laughter~

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