I think my favourite thing about NCT’s tour …

I think my favourite thing about NCT’s tour is the fact that each member of 127 was given a city, then they personally went online and asked for tourists recommendations, and they genuinely read and considered them and went to the places we told them too. It’s nice to see them interacting so much, giving honest replies, and then showing that they’re listening to us. I think this concept was very cute, and a good move on SM. I also like that they each have their own # for their city and upload regular videos of themselves going to the recommended places with the date of their choice.

Mid Month Breakdown June!


We’re halfway trough June and almost halfway trough the year!
This is how our leader board looks so far!
The post that becomes the top post of the month will be out theme for the next month!
Is your favourite group mentioned here?

The Leader: 

4Minute’s debut single Hot Issue, With 19 Notes!

The Runner Up’s:

EXO – XOXO ||| 

Hwang Jung Eum – Good Person 


Dal Shabet – Bang Bang ||| 

Ku Hye Sun – Breathe 2 


Boy’s Republic – Party Rock ||| 

Ivy – I Dance 


Chocolat – Black Tinkerbell ||| Jun. K – No Love


The One Note Gang:

Wonder Girls – Wonder Party ||| High4 – Baby Boy


MelodyDay – #LoveMe ||| Kim Hyun-joong – Break Down


Lee Seung Gi – And… ||| Jang Jane – Liquid


Boyfriend – Love Style


The Bottom Post That Had The Admins Shook:

MBLAQ’s comeback as as trio with Mirror!

The rest of the Cheerleaders:

Outsider – Maestro ||| Elly – Lov-Elly


Anda – Touch ||| Davichi – Again


Cross Gene – Timeless : Begins ||| 

M-Tiful – All Right


Juniel – My First June 


Indie Highlights: 

Kiha & The Faces with their second album Kiha & The Faces!

Moida Band – Runaway!

More Indie Bands:

The Koxx – Jump to the Light ||| Black Bag – Sunshine


Sungha Jung – Perfect Blue |||  Vanilla Acoustic – Eudaimonia 


Crying Nut – Flaming Nuts ||| Monni – This Moment


Broccoli, You Too – A Cruel April ||| Bye Bye Badman – Authentic


Last Month’s Top Post:

F(x)’s first mini album: NU ABO

What’s your favourite song so far?

There are a lot of fake woke kpop fans. I th…

There are a lot of fake woke kpop fans. I think it’s time for more ppl to just admit when they dislike an idol and stop hiding behind “it’s because they’re problematic” exuse. Not all kpop fans are like this obviously, but i’ve seen far too many kpop fans bash idols for problematic behavior but turn right around and continue to support their faves who have done the same things. It’s okay to be upset when idols are problematic, but make sure you are honest about whether you really care about the situation if you’re going to bash some idol for their behavior while making excuses and defending the ones you stan.

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