Petition for an NCT Black Rings subunit!!! 🖤

“Bought 6 rings for all of my btches.”

Truly the baddest btch unit ever. 🖤

So Ten gives black rings to the people he’s closest to and Hendery is the latest addition. Imagine Ten, Johnny, Taeyong, Jaehyun, Lucas, and Hendery all in one unit…the amount of energy, the FLAVOR…🤩


Johnny from Chicago ❤️ [must-read Reddit!]

If you want to experience some giddying wholesomeness today, this is it!

So people from Chicago (Johnny’s hometown) just found out he’s actually famous!!! 💚💚💚

Ahhh the comments and stuff are just so precious. There’s also some yearbook photos in there, lol, for all you Johnny biases. 😌 (More in the link above!)

So proud of NCT!!! 💚✨😊



So…Mark confirmed that his family lives in Korea in their radio interview yesterday…

…does that mean when it’s the holiday season, Johnny gets left in their dorms all alone? 😭

I know though that Doyoung takes care of him (Johnny’s talked about it multiple times, how grateful he is to DY that he treats him like a brother, that he dines with the Kim family, and how they’re his fam in Korea etc.). I also know for a fact that Ten is best friends with Johnny, and that Johnny is close with Yuta and of course some of the Dreamies and WayV members.

However, other foreign members probably also get to go home more often than Johnny since they all live in Asia. Meaning Johnny is probably alone…

Johnny trained for the longest and…and we all know how much he loves his mom and dad, and how much he misses them and Chicago. 🥺 Let’s give him all the love and support he deserves!!! 💖

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