[Download] Tiffany Taeyeon – MON CHERIE


[EP] Tiffany Taeyeon – MON CHERIE
Release Date: 2019.05.14
Genre: K-pop, ballad
Language: Korean
Label: So Young Records

Five years after the release of her controversial Ideal Type mini-album, Tiffany Taeyeon returns as a soloist to Korea with her fourth mini-album, MON CHERIE. The emotionally-charged record serves as Tiffany’s most personal release to date, with songs that directly reflect the ups and downs she experienced in recent years.

The intro ballad “Valentina (Prequel)” is the first song written and composed entirely by Tiffany. Title track “SINGLE” is a melancholy yet empowering song that explores the freedom one experiences after escaping a toxic relationship.

“What”, featuring Pentagon’s Hui, is a duet about the miscommunications that can affect a relationship, while “SING” featuring Zico explores the oppression one feels when not allowed to express themselves artistically. 

On album closer “Sakura”, Tiffany hopes to reunite with a long lost lover one day, comparing their romance to the blooming cherry blossoms that flower in spring. 

Each track was co-written by Tiffany, with Suzy Sooyoung composing and co-writing all the music, while Jessica Jiyeon did all the vocal arrangements. Additional production was provided by Hui and Zico. 


1. Valentina (Prequel)
2. SINGLE -title-
3. What feat. Hui
4. SING feat. Zico
5. Sakura 

Download: https://gofile.io/?c=LHw0fY

Alt: https://ufile.io/v3nzni8z 

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