K-Pop life lessons (2 year old blog anniverary…

I believe that music is something that can bring people together. I believe that the musicians we listen too and the things they create can teach us things. This goes for every genre, not just K-Pop. But there is a stigma around K-Pop of it just being men and women dancing around singing about ice cream, rainbows and happiness. It can be that, but it can be incredibly meaningfull and the artists teach us things. 

Here are some things I have learned: 

Monsta X , BTOB and Seventeen taught me that family isn’t just blood, it can go further than that. Your friends can become your family. 

SHINee and VIXX taught me that it’s perfectly fine to go against the grain of what others do. As long as you stay yourself. 

Day6 taught me that it’s okay to feel alone sometimes, but in the end you are never truly alone. 

Sistar, Girl’s Generation, AOA, Mamamoo etc have taught me that it’s okay to be confident and speak my mind when I feel like I am being done wrong. 

Here are some life lessons that other Kpop fans have chosen to share with me

“stray kids taught me that
it’s perfectly okay to be sad, depressed, or have anxiety because there’s
always a light at the end of the tunnel and so there’s so many people just like


“Super Junior taught me
how to smile and laugh again after I had spent so much time barley going
through the motions.”

-signed, A Shy Male ELF.

“VIXX and BTS taught me that even when you might feel down and think
that nothing matters, eventually everything is going to get better.”


“Day6 taught me that’s
it’s okay to go at my own pace and everyone can feel lonely and thats okay
Stray Kids thought me that everyone feels lost at some point and going into
adulthood is scary and longing to go back to the easier days is normal”


“BTS taught me that I
can’t always think about everyone else, I’m young and I have my own dreams to
go after. If I need it, I’ll take the time to sort my sht out. That’s thanks to
SUGA’s ‘Nevermind’. Mikrokosmos made me realize I have a reason for being here
right now, and my existence does matter. These two songs had lyrics that pulled
me out of suicidal thoughts i’d been dealing with for 6 years. It’s so weird
that certain lyrics had that effect on me. Although I still have depression and
social anxiety, I’m slowly getting over it. I’m finding myself.”


“This is pretty basic, but
BTS and Got7’s Jackson are teaching me to love myself since I hate myself to my
core. It’s a long road but I know I’ll get there eventually ❤️⭐️”


I know this isnt strictly what you asked butVixx and esp, Hakyeon
inspire me. I see him being a leader and helping his members, vlogging, serving
his country, moving out, spending time with friends and family, doing charity
work in a very super low key way, being kind, gracious and just a lovely human
being and it reminds me that’s what I need to be. I want to inspire and carry
myself with the level of maturity and grace he has.”


“Wanna One taught me the
right way to life with memories, to not get stuck in the past holding onto
memories crying because they’re not coming back, instead I’ve learned to
treasure memories and see them as something beautiful without pain, but with a
smile on my face.”


“VIXX and BTS showed me that there is nothing wrong with being sexually
dominant and identifying as a woman – their subby concepts gave me
metaphorical wings. (my name is Coral but I don’t have a tumblr I just check
yours sorry)”


“Monsta x and Dreamcatcher taught me to never give up on your dreams, no
matter what anyone says, the amount of pain and heatbreak, or how long it
takes. Dreamcatcher specifically taught me that it is okay to start over if
what you were doing in your life did not turn out to be what you wanted.
Sometimes it takes a little more time to figure yourself out before you are
happy. ( Their story of how they went from Minx to Dreamcatcher really inspires


N.flying taught me that it’s okay to be weird, out of the box, and
different. Taught me how to accept my weird personality and find others that
accepted it as well.”


“So for me, it was VIXX. They were my first group and they came into my
life at the right time. I had hit an all time low with my depression. ‘Error’
distracted me from the bad in the world and it was through them that I learned
that there was still beauty in the world. Their lyrics inspired and Ravi in
particularly inspired with his own struggles and his outlooks on life. I don’t
think I would be here or at least as happy as as stable as I am if it wasn’t
for them.”


“A lot of the groups have fought me the families don’t end in blood,
that you can make your own if needed, mainly 17 and Victon”

-🦋 anon

“iKON, EXO, and Monsta X
taught me what a real family looks like, and how to support my fam through
thick and thin. The most important lesson is that family doesn’t end with
blood, and sometimes it doesn’t even start with blood. After all, the blood
from a pact with your real family will always be thicker than the water of the


“Red Velvet didn’t really
teach me much, but they gave me a reason to smile. Wendy said this on VLIVE a
little after RV’s 5th anniversary: “I will always be there for you, I will
be there even when you leave because you can always come back to me.”
(paraphrasing) It made me cry a little on the inside because I found them the
summer before I started high school. It was really rough but I had their music
to make me happy.”


“Tbh I got into kpop at a crazy time I’m a young mom and I felt so out
of touch with who I am. It was more than one group, but the combination of
“fun thing for me ” and BTS had just started the love yourself
series… it meant the world to me to remind myself that the me that exists
under “mom” was worth love too.”


“Got7 taught me that it’s okay to have fun while chasing your dreams and
ambitions. You’re not doing anything wrong while having fun cause you’re still
on the path you wanna go. Even if there are people that don’t believe in your
dreams remember that you’re doing for yourself, not for them. Do what makes you


“Blackpink taught me to be the badass
woman i am today. I think without them i would still be in my shell of
depression and fear. Got7 didnt teach me anything they saved my life. Their
music calms me and makes me feel loved with saying how beautiful, amazing, and
perfect you are in their lyrics. I know it may sound cliche but their music has
helped me a lot feel beautiful and good about myself. Bts did the same. both
got7 and bts had taught me that i deserve better. They became my safe space
when i have panic attack. They both helped me get me out of sexually abusive
relationship and helped me gain the friends i have today. I have great friends
that arent toxic and a closer relationship with my mom. I even met my boyfriend
because without got7 and bts words i would have never gotten out of my house,
get on dating sights, and go to japan. They have helped me immensely when i
used to be shut in.”


“RM of BTS reminded me that I love
writing poetry to express the things I can’t tell anyone. TOP of BIGBANG showed
me that someone with anxiety issues can still do anything. Most of all, most of
the groups I love have given me a community I can trust with more than just
Kpop stuff- I feel safe telling fellow Kpop stans that I’m trans and nonbinary
because I’ve seen such a supportive and loving community here.”


“Kpop fan culture has taught me that
you will always have a friend if you need one. Also that if someone is in
distress another WILL come to help. Stray Kids, Bts, Seventeen etc.: have
taught me that it’s okay to love myself and that if they love me I should love
myself too.”


“Stray kids taught me to never give up no matter how
long it’s going to take, it’s okay to take your time and that no matter what
I’m going through everything is going to be okay. Bts taught me that’s it’s
okay to not have a dream and to just do whatever makes me happy and they also
taught me how to be myself…like I should be always be myself and that there
is nothing ‘wrong’ with me…if that make sense”


“Kpop has taught me a lot of things subtly
over the past couple years. But the ones I can really pick out are that. It
taught me how not to give up on life when things get tough but just step back.
It taught me how and when to cut out toxic people from my life. It taught me
that I can still do so much despite my mental health and that my mental
illnesses don’t define me. It’s also inspired me to start drawing again after a
long bout of art block.”


“Kpop as a whole has
taught me to be myself, to live more creatively and not to hide anymore.”


Alot of these brought me to tears and I am so glad you all decided to participate in this and I really appreciate it. Please stick with me for the years to come ♥

Fendiman (Jackson Wang/Sugar Daddy Au smut)

A/N: This wasn’t requested but Fendi rich man Jackson is making me feel some kind of way. 

Inspired by Jackson Wang and “God’s and Monster’s” by Lana Del Rey


Word count: 8017 words. (it’s long y’all) 

Tags: uhh, sugardaddyxsugarbaby, strippers, sex?, cursing that’s about it

You were broke. That was the nicest way you could put it. You had about 20 dollars to your name and you weren’t proud of it. You were just never lucky when it came to money, but unfortunately not many people are. 

You worked in a strip club for two years and it wasn’t a situation you would brag to your family about. Not that you danced, no you were the bartender which was equally taxing but not as rewarding financially. There were times where you debated getting on that stage and it wasn’t that it was against your morals, you comended the girls that got up there and did what they needed to do. But you could never, the thought left you shaking. 

The club had regulars, just like every other and you tending the bar got to know them all pretty well. The clientele wasn’t high profile, but you neighborhood bum wouldn’t be found there either. The club was a happy medium, which was nice and in an odd way, everyone on the staff was a family. 

A knock on the bathroom door startled you, nearly making you cut your legs with the razor you were holding. “Come in.” You said, adjusting your position on the edge of the tub. 

Happily, Jae-in strolled in the bathroom, wearing only her bra and panties. “You scared me, I almost cut myself.” You said and continued dragging your razor over your leg. “Sorry, I just need to body prep for tonight too.” She said and sat down next to you, grabbing her own razor. “I didn’t know you were dancing tonight.” You stated with a small smile as you friend agressively shaved her legs. “Neither did I. Bambam just texted me and asked if I could fill in for Candy.” She explained and you nodded. 

Jae-in was your roommate and your best friend. You hadn’t know her long, she had come into your life the same time the club had. You needed somewhere to live and she needed a roommate. 

Guess we’ll go together then.” You said and stood up, rubbing body lotion over your legs. Being only a bar tender/waitress, your outfits weren’t nearly as scandalous as the other girl’s. You pulled a simple black satin slip dress over your, black lace set and watched it settle on your body. It was a little longer than mid-thigh and the neck line plunged slightly. It wasn’t something you’d walk around the streets in, but you weren’t totally uncomfortable. Slipping on your platform ankle boots, you approved your looks for the evening and headed out into the living room to wait for Jae-In. 

She walked into the room, holding her stripper bag. “As of now I am in stripper mode, please refer to me as Cherry.” She said jokingly, running a hand through her hair. She was trying to put herself through college and the second she had enough money, she was out of there. 

You both arrived at the club and Jae-in/Cherry moved to the dressing room and you moved to the bar, your perch for the evening. “Hey Y/N.” Mark said, exiting the break room drying off a glass. “Hey Mark, ready for tonight?” You asked and tucked your bag under the bar. He placed the glass with the others on the bar and smiled at you. “Yeah. Could barely get out of bed to get here on time though. Working all night and sleeping all day really messes with you.” He said and you nodded in agreement. 

It was a physically taxing job, no one could deny that. But nothing near as taxing as the other girls’ jobs. 

The evening crowd slowly started rolling in and there was a pleasant buzz in the room combined with the music. You had a solid work flow, maneuvering the room and the bar with ease, you had been doing it for a long time. 

One of your regulars sat at the bar, he liked watching the girls and drinking. Like everyone else in the club. Except, he was friends with the owner and got special treatment. Not necessarily VIP, but special treatment none the less. His name was Jackson and he had been coming there for the 2 years you had been working there. 

Hey, what can I get you tonight?” You asked and Jackson smiled at you. He was good looking. Probably the best looking out of the clientele the club had. “Are you on the menu yet?” He asked and you felt heat climb up your cheeks. Mark laughed at his question and handed Jackson a beer. “I already got his order hun.” He said and Jackson simply winked at you before sipping his drink. “You both play too much.” You said and grabbed a rag to wipe down the counter slightly. 

Cherry was up on the stage now and when it was her turn to dance, she had the tendency to wink and flirt with you a little from the stage. It was a way to make things just a little more fun for the both of you. As you winked at her from across the room, Jackson couldn’t help but notice. 

So are you and her a thing?” He asked, watching Cherry move over the stage before glancing back at you. “Me and Cherry? No, we’re roommates.” You said and looked at the man in front of you. “Roommates? You don’t live on your own? How much does this place pay you? Do I need to fight Bam to give my favorite bartender a raise?” He asked and you laughed. “It’s enough to live off. Not a lot of wiggle room. But enough to be happy enough.” You told him and he nodded in understanding, before simply going back to his drink. 


The night was coming to an end, the only people left in the club were incoherently drunk or staff, with an exception for Jackson. He was waiting for BamBam to finish his work so he could speak to him. 

Yawning, you wiped down the counter again and for the last time that day. Mark gentley patted your hip from behind to get your attention and you turned around. “Can I go home and will you stick around until Jackson and Boss leave or do you want me too?” He asked and you blinked at him for a moment. Glancing back to Jackson who was waiting with a glass of whiskey in his hand, you turned to look at him again. “I’ll stay, I still have some energy left so I’m good.” You said and Mark nodded. “Alright, well good morning then.” Mark said and left, bag in hand. 

You finished cleaning up and made your way to a booth in the club. Jackson was still waiting, finishing up his whiskey and he watched you subtley. You had your bag with you and pulled out your laptop to plan out your spendings for the coming month. Your laptop was old, a model that was heavy enough to knock someone out, but it did it’s job. 

That laptop is a dinosaur.” Jackson said and moved from his seat at the bar to join you in the booth. “I guess it is, I can’t afford a new one but it works fine.” You said, typing away in your spreadsheets. He was watching along, noticing the budgets in your spreadsheets. “This is kind of depressing.” He said and you looked at him with a smile. “We can’t all earn millions a year. I still don’t understand why you come to our club, aren’t there any in your neighborhood? With like golden stages and poles?” You joked and he laughed. “I have my reasons for coming here. Besides Bambam is my friend.” He told you and you cocked an eyebrow. 

Alright then, but you never get a private dance or anything. You just sit at the bar. You’re a mystery Mr. Wang.” You said and he opened his mouth to say something, only for BamBam to leave his office. 

Sorry that took so long. Y/N, you’re free to go if you want.” Bambam said and you nodded. “I’m gonna finish this up and go.” You said and Jackson winked at you as they disappeared into his office. You sat there for another half an hour, before shutting your laptop down and running your hands through your hair.

The door to BamBam’s office shut harshly and the two men exited, shaking hands. “Y/N, you’re still here? Go home.” Bambam said and you packed your bag. Jackson watched you carefully, and you could tell. “I’m already going boss.” You said and pulled your hair up in a ponytail and making your way by the door. “And tell Cherry she did a great tonight.” He added making you turn around to look at them again. “I will.” You said and locked eyes with Jackson. “See you tomorrow, Jackson.” You added, knowing he would be there the next day. 

Jackson kept his eyes trained on you as you left. “Why didn’t you hire her as a dancer?” He asked Bambam as the other man poured him another drink. “She didn’t want to dance. Claimed she didn’t think it was a shamefull job, but that she preferred to serve the drinks. Even though the pay is half as good.” Bambam explained. 

She’s good at her job and takes care of everyone here. Workers and customers and me. So I try to take care of her.” He added on and sipped his drink. Jackson nodded in admiration. He knew you always took good care of him when he was there and he had seen you rushing around giving the dancers things they need. You had a good heart. 

How about I take care of her?” Jackson proposed and Bambam laughed. ‘What do you mean?” He questioned. “You know what I mean, take care of her. A sugar daddy kind of situation. Do you think she’d go for that?” His words made Bambam laugh. “She’s way too proud for that.” Bambam said and Jackson nodded. “I want to try anyways. Tomorrow night, I’ll be back.” 


You had a hard time getting out of bed. It seemed like it was getting harder and harder. But Jae-In jumping onto your bed made it easier. “Get up you need to get ready ‘cause you look like shit.” Jae-in said and you huddled under your bed. “I don’t wanna.” You yelled and she started laughing before spanking you and leaving your bed. “Get up!” 

Dragging yourself out of bed, you had a weird feeling about the day. You slipped on a soft pink slip dress with a white lace trim and your ankle boots from the night before. Another day, serving more rounds and for what? 

Jae-in could tell you were upset while you did your makeup and hugged you frum behind. “This all isn’t for nothing, you know.” She said and you smiled. “I guess I know that.” You told her and finished your face. “It’s just another day.” 

Your work day had started like normal. A pat on the back from Mark, the music pounding in the background as your friends graced the stage in skimpy clothing and Jackson entering the club. He smiled at you, but brushed past the bar and directly into Bambam’s office. You exchanged looks with Mark, but didn’t linger to long on it. You continued doing your job and poured the patron in front of you his whiskey. 

A hand placed itself in the small of your back and you turned around to be greeted by your boss. “Can you come to my office, please?” You were confused, you hadn’t done anything wrong. “Don’t look like a scared puppy you didn’t do anything wrong.” He explained with a laugh after seeing your face. 

Oh that’s a relief.” You exhaled and followed him to his office. Jackson was leaning on top of Bambam’s desk, his suit jacket thrown over a chair and top button of his silk shirt undone. His suit pants were tailored to fit his thighs nicely, you actually got to see him in good lighting. 

Hey, what’s up?” You asked and plopped down into a chair in the office. Jackson was just smiled at you, adjusting his position and Bambam cut through the silence. “Jackson has something to discuss with you and i’m not overly happy with because I’d be losing a valued worker if you agree. But I’m gonna leave, let you two talk things over.” He said and left the room. 

Your eyes turned to Jackson and his smile still hadn’t faltered. “That color is really nice on you.” He said and admired the shade of pink on your
skin. “I’m
nervous, what’s going on?” 
felt stressed, you didn’t like people discussing you without you knowing. 

 “Nothing bad. I just have a business
proposition for you. Now, I don’t want you to feel pressured. You should agree
only because you want to agree.”
If you weren’t
confused before, you sure as Hell were now. “Alright, hit me with it.” You
nudged him, wanting to know what was happening. “I’m offering to be your
sponsor. Anything you want, anything you need. A room in my penthouse.”
said and your eyebrows furrowed. Why on earth would he want to sponsor you and
what did he want in return. “What do you want from me?” You were scared.
What he is offering you is a dream, but it worried you what he would want in
return. Did you want an escape from your life? Yes. Did you want to keep your
dignity? Yes.

  “I’m not a
You blurted out, your mind going a mile a minute. Jackson
started laughing, not expecting the outburst. “I’m not saying you are, and
I’m not asking you to be one. I just need you to accompany me to certain
events. An escort so to speak.”
He clarified and you were still not sure of
his intent.  

“The first
time you walked into this club, 2 years ago. I prayed to God that you weren’t a
new dancer. It was a sigh of relief to see you were behind the bar instead of
on top of it. I have been coming here for years and I could tell you were
different from the others. This isn’t the life for you, this isn’t what you
should be doing. You need to get out.”
His words were sweet and compelling,
putting the thought of accepting his offer into your mind. “No sex?” You
asked, and he smiled. “No sex. You have to much integrity to be a
He wasn’t wrong. 

 “So if I
agree, that makes you my sugar daddy?”
You asked with distaste in your
voice. “I guess that’s one way to refer to it.” Jackson said, slightly agreeing to your distaste. “But let’s stick to sponsor.”  

I’ll give you my number. Think it over, the offer stands.” Jackson added and extended his hand to help you out of the chair. You stood up and nearly rolled your ankle due to your heels. Jackson stabilized you and you looked up at him. He always gave off a warm aura. 

Just please, consider it.” 


 You went home straight away after your shift ended. Alot of things on your mind and alot of different responses to those things. The way Jackson looked at you played in your mind, his offer was ringing in your ears. 

You were so deep in thought you walked straight past your apartment only to realise it a few moments later and circle back. “Hey don’t you work at the strip club?” A man standing in a group of others across the street. You decided to ignore it, when they called back to you making you freeze in your footsteps. 

Why don’t you flash your tits and dance around like you do on stage for us?” You felt disgusted and violated and you weren’t even one of the dancers at the club. You kept going and reached the elevator of your apartment building. Getting in, you pulled your phone out and dialed Jackson’s number. It wasn’t the first time you had been harrassed and it wasn’t going to be the last. You had made your decision, you were done. 

Jackson, I’m done with this. I want to take your offer.” You said with a huff, feeling sad that it’s come to this. “That was fast, are you okay?” He asked, a worried tone in his voice. “I’m fine, I just don’t want to be here anymore.” You said and it felt like you could hear him sigh through the phone. 

You sounded distraught, which made him wonder what happened to make you make up your mind so quickly. “I know it’s like 4 in the morning but pack a bag. I’m going to come and pick you up.” He said and asked for your address. You gave it to him and walked into your apartment.

Hey, what’s up?” Jae-in asked, her hair up in a bun, her glasses on and her text book out before her. She got off of work earlier than you did and managed to miss your sudden job change offer. 

You sat down across from her and explained the entire situation and nearly started crying. You met this man at a strip club, where you worked and you said yes to him being your sugar daddy. 

I mean you really are taking a chance here. And you’re sure he doesn’t want sex?” Jae-in asked, sipping her tea. “I asked… I told him I’m not a prostitute.” Jackson seemed like a straight forward guy. “Bambam trusts him and Bambam’s always done right by his girls, the ones who dance and those who don’t. I don’t think he would’ve allowed the offer to stand if he didn’t trust it.” And with Jae-in’s words, there was a knock on the door.

Tossing a few essential items of clothes into a bag you huffed as you looked at your room. You weren’t going to miss it, you were however going to miss Jae-In.

Meanwhile, Jae-in stood in your living room next to Jackson. Awkward silence present as she stood next your “sugar daddy”. “So-.”Jackson started but Jae-in immediately cut him off. “Look, Y/N doesn’t have a lot. That means this agreement, is hard on her. I don’t care how much money you have, you just take care of her. I mean that.” Jae-in said, crossing her arms and looking at Jackson. “I’m doing this because I want to take care of her, trust me.” Jackson said with a soft smile. 

You left your room with your bag in hand and a happy yet weird mood, the morning 5 a.m sun peaking through the windows. You looked at Jae-in and moved over to look at Jackson. 

Here let me take your bag.” Jackson said and took your bag from you. You hugged Jae-in, but kept your eyes on Jackson. He stood there holding your bag like a true gentleman and watching you two with a smile. “I’m not gonna say anything, just text me when your settled and we’ll go out.” Jae-in told you and you simply nodded. “Alright.” 

With that, you and Jackson left, his hand resting on the small of your back. You didn’t mind it but you did take notice. The elevator ride was relatively silent, tension thick enough to cut with a knife but it wasn’t necessarily negative. You were staring at your feet the whole time, your ankle boots from work slowly becoming a nuissance. 

You okay?” Jackson asked, noticing how distracted you were. “Just a little exhausted.” You mumbled and played with the hem of your dress. Jackson’s hand extended and he took yours in his. You could feel it, this wasn’t a business deal, this was emotional. 

When we get to the house, you go to sleep after giving me your sizes. I will get you a few outfits while you rest and eat something. Tonight we have a big party to go to. A formal thing.” He explained and you nodded in agreement. “Alright, sounds good to me.” You replied and followed him out to his car, not even taking the time to notice how expensive it was. Frankly, you were too tired to care. 

It took about 10 minutes to get from your crappy side of town, to the luxurious hotels and penthouses. It amazed you the difference between the two and they were so close to eachother. It seemed unreal. 

Jackson kept glancing over to you, looking at the way you stared out the window. “Never been to this part of town?” He asked and you snapped out of you daze. “No, I have. Just didn’t remember it being just ten minutes away. Kinda ironic.” You said and you didn’t mean to sound sad, it just kind of came out and it made Jackson sad. 

Well, we’re here. I have some things to do today. I am giving you the key to the penthouse. It’s the top floor, just go up and they will bring your things and take whatever bedroom you want.” You looked at Jackson with a blank stare as he handed you the key. “You just need to give me your measurements.” Jackson said and you cocked an eyebrow.

looked towards one of the workers and gestured for him to come over. “Take care of her things and bring them up to
my place, okay?”
Jackson asked and the man nodded his head. You watched
Jackson hand him money and from watch you could tell it was a fifty dollar tip.
Yes sir.” The man said and took your
bags out of Jackson’s car and headed inside.

I should only be gone a few hours, you just
go and rest.”
Jackson added before pausing. “You’re awfully quiet. Something wrong?” You looked up at him and he couldn’t help noticing the way you batted your eyelashes at him. It kind of made his dick jump in his pants. 

Didn’t think it would be this easy.” You said with a soft smile. “Oh babydoll, life will get easier. Now I gotta go.” He smiled and leaned in, pecking your cheek. You couldn’t help but feel the blood rush to your cheeks and chest. “Alright…” 


He found incredibly inpressive. It was 5 p.m and Jackson hadn’t seen you since morning. He told you to pick any room in the penthouse, but he found it incredibly impressive that you chose the one bedroom that he called his. He found it incredibly impressive. 

What he found more impressive, was how you were sprawled out with your hair going every which way. Your dress was all wrinkled and yet you still looked incredibly attractive. Your heels from the night before were haphazardly thrown over the floor and you were snoring very lightly. 

Jackson?” You asked groggily, waking up due to the feeling someone was watching you. “Yeah. It’s time to wake up babygirl, time to eat and get ready for the party.”  Jackson sat down on the bed and you looked up from your pillow, eyes half closed and incredibly tired. “You sound like Jae-In, getting me up and ready for work.” You mumbled and threw your face back into the pillow. He laughed and put his hand on the small of your back. He wasn’t even going to bring up the fact that this was his room. 

This bed smells really good.” You mumbled and pushed yourself out of it. “Kind of addicting.” You added and Jackson just smiled more, knowin that it was his scent you were smelling and that found it comforting. 

I got you your outfit for this evening and some more clothes for everyday. But the one for tonight is most important.” Jackson said and excitedly walked over to at least 20 bags. Popular brands like Fendi, Gucci, Versace, Balmain etc was printed onto the bags and you swallowed thickly. You felt weird being given these expensive things. 

You didn’t have to get all these expensive things, not for me.” You said and sat with your legs dangling off the bed. “Yes I did, I’m your sugardaddy after all. Not only should you live comfortably, you should live luxuriously.” He said and grabbed a big black box out of the bag. “Here is your dress for tonight.” Jackson said and handed you the box. You hesitated, simply looking at the man in front of you. “Go on, open it.” He said with an eager smile. 

Slowly you opened the box, only to met with white tissue paper covering the garment. You moved them out of the way carefully and was met with soft red fabric. Pulling the dress out of the box by it’s straps, it was a red colored satin with a structured fitted top with thin straps. Pulling it out further, you noticed a belt at it’s waist and it flowed out to the ground. A big slit going up very high and pockets at each side. 

Wow.” You said, wondering how you were sitting in this position. “You like it?” Jackson asked and you looked at him. “Are you kidding, this dress is the prettiest thing I’ve ever held.” You said and he smiled widely. “Well then, go shower and do your makeup and hair and get dressed. We have to be out of here by 7.” Jackson told you and looked on his watch. 

You got up and hugged him tightly, your face burried into his neck. “This means a lot.” You said and skipped off to the bathroom. You were in the best mood. 


When you were finished, you could hardly recognized yourself. The dress fit you perfectly, sitting tightly over your torso and pushing your breasts up in the best way. The belt sat right at your waist before pilling out onto the floor and the slight came up to your upper thigh. Dare you say, you looked sexy as hell. 

You walked out of the bathroom in your dress with bare feet, hair and makeup done and headed out to the living portion of the penthouse. 

There Jackson stood, hair done to a t, satin wine red shirt tucked into his suit pants. His jacket was laid over a chair and he was on the phone, seemingly upset. “Just get it fucking fixed, I have things to do.” He growled into the phone and his tone of voice was extremely attractive. He slammed his phone down and you cleared your throat, searching for his approval. 

Hey your done.” He said and turned around only to pause for a moment. “Wow. Just wow. You look amazing. I do believe I out did myself.” He said and smirked in approval. You could feel him checking you out and then he reached your feet. “Oh right your shoes.” He said and grabbed a box off of the dining table. 

He got down on his knees infront of you and lifted your foot, opening the slit in your dress and exposing a leg. He grabbed a black heel out of the box and slipped it onto your feet and did up the ankle strap, before moving onto the next shoe. “You look absolutely beautiful you know.” Jackson said and slipped on your other shoe. Blushing, you thanked him and he stood infront of you. 

He was incredibly attractive and you were beginning to debate your choices. 

Are you ready, milady?” He asked and extended a hand to you. “Why, yes sir.” You said and Jackson swallowed thickly. The no sex deal was really going to be tested and this was only night one. 

The second you two got to the party, you felt out of place. Not because of your clothing, but becuse of who you were. These people were fancy. The parties you usually went to you drank liquor out of plastic cups. Here they had champagne flutes. 

Your arm was linked with Jackson’s as he paraded you around the room. You felt eyes on you, from woman who were jealous that you were with Jackson to men who were eyeing you up and down and Jackson could tell too. 

I should have gotten a more conservative dress. These guys are looking like they’re about to eat you.” He said and you two stopped to grab some champagne. “I should have gotten a less attractive sugardaddy. These girls look like they want to claw my eyes out.” You retaliated and sipped your champagne. You could taste the money.

Well looks like we’re at a crossroads here, baby.” He said and you laughed. “Looks like.” You responded as you stood across from him. “What is this party for anyways?” You asked looking around the room at all the people. “Just rich people getting together and showing off to be a dick to people less rich than them. You’re kind of obligated to go once you’re rich.” He said and you both laughed. “I don’t really enjoy these. But you’re here and my happiness has already increased by 100%.” He added and you blushed. 

Well, well, well Jackson who did you bring this time around?” An arm wrapped around your shoulders and you jumped back slightly. It was a man about Jackson’s age with a slim face and full lips. “Geez Jinyoung you didn’t have to scare her.” Jackson said and wrapped an arm around your waist, pulling you into his chest and away from the stranger. 

Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you. I’m Jinyoung.” The man said and extended his hand, taking yours in his and kissing it. A charmer for sure. 

Y/n.” You introduced yourself and felt Jackson’s hold on you tighten. “You’ve never brought her around before, I would have remembered.” He said to Jackson and you just looked at your date for the evening. “Well I had my reasons.” Jackson said and you felt mildly ashamed, you knew why. 

Jackson felt your uneasiness, leaning down and kissing your forehead. “I’m already tired of this, I showed my face here, we can go now.” Jackson whispered in your ear, sending tingles down your spine. “Oh alright.” You mumbleld in surprise and Jackson said goodbye to his friends. 

I’m really hungry, they call that crap they serve here food.” He said with a laugh and pulled you over to his car again. “I’m hungry too.” You said and shrugged. “This is gonna sound really stupid but I’m in the mood for a cheeseburger.” he said and pulled out of the venue parking lot. You started laughing and he just watched you while driving. “What?” He asked and you glanced over at him. “You’ve just suprised me over the course of today, in the best way.” You said and he smiled to himself.  

The silence following wasn’t awkward, no it was comfortable and you felt good. The radio played softly and Jackson was humming along softly. He didn’t realise he was doing it but his hand moved off of the gear and rested it on your thigh. “I’m sorry, felt right.” He said and moved his hand right away. You looked over to him before grabbing his hand gently and placing it back on your thigh. “You’re right, it feels right.” You said with a small smirk and watched him lick his lips. 

The grip on your thigh tightened every now and then, massaging your thigh gently and glancing over at you every now and then. You couldn’t help but feel yourself get turned on. You were being treated like a fucking princess, you couldn’t help it. You also felt your strong opinion on your own deal of no sex faltering. 

You stopped at a red light, the previous comfortable silence had turned into thick sexual tension very fast. Your head turned to look at him and you licked your lips carefully. Jackson turned and leaned over the center console, his hand moving from his thigh to your chin. 

I’m going to kiss you now. You can stop me, push me away if you don’t want too. But I really want to kiss you and I think you really want me to kiss you too.” He spoked really fast and pressed his lips to yours. You were frozen for a moment, surprised but not in a bad way. Once you snapped out of your daze, your hands moved to his face, caressing the soft skin and moving your lips against his. It felt incredibly right. 

The sound of a car horn from behind you interupted the moment and Jackson looked at the light, now bright green. “Shit.” He groaned and the car moved forward. You could swear that he was going over the speed limit as you two drove back to the penthouse. Jackson had both hands clenched on the wheel and his jaw clenched equally as tight. “i just wanna get home.” He groaned, his voice deepening slightly. You had to stifle a laugh and he just looked at you with a cocked eyebrow. 


Once at the penthouse, you two walked inside leisurely. Your hands were in the pockets of your dress and Jackson was following you closely. Your heels clicked on the black marble floor and you stopped, spinning on the balls of your feet to turn around. Jackson was right there and you two were face to face. 

He cupped your cheeks and pulled you in for another kiss. His touch was so incredibly gentle and his lips were incredibly soft. You gently moved your hands up his arms and wrapped your arms around his neck.  The kiss deepened, and one of his hands moved down to your neck, massaging the skin. You hummed against his mouth due to his actions and he smiled. Your chest pressed against his and you couldn’t help but smile. 

This is against our rules.” He mumbled and pulled away. Your hands gripped his suit jacket, pulling him back towards you. “I don’t care about those rules.” You mumbled and pulled his lips onto yours again. He quickly stripped himself of his suit jacket and pulled the pin out of your hair that held it up. Your hair tumbled over your shoulders only for it to be gripped lightly and moved away by Jackson. His mouth dipping down and sucking on the skin below your ear. 

Goosebumps travelled up your whole body as his tongue traced over your skin. “Jackson, can we move to your room.” You whimpered, feeling awfully exposed in front of giant living area windows. “Of course, babydoll.”  He said, his mouth leaving your skin. He grabbed your hand and pulled you towards the bedrooms, stopping at the one you took that morning. “Wait, is this your room?” You asked, coming to a realization. “Yeah, I was thoroughly impressed that you had managed to choose the one room that’s mine. Not that I have a problem.” He said and guided you in. 

You looked at his bed, the sheets that smelled nice and over the whole room. You must’ve been too tired earlier to notice his personal things lying around. 

Jackson watched you from behind and took the moment to undo the zipper of your dress in the back, revealing more smooth skin. His lips moved back down to your neck, sucking the skin with the intent to leave marks. You were his and people needed to know. 

You know I’ve thought about this before.”Jackson whispered in your ear as he slipped the straps of the dress of your shoulders. “Have you?” Your breath hitched in your throat. He pulled the strap down further, your skin getting more and more revealed with every second. “Yeah, your skin feels softer than I thought it would.” He mumbled, the dress falling to the floor. The structured top didn’t require for you to wear a bra so you didn’t and you were exposed. 

God but you are so much more beautiful than I thought.” He groaned and turned you around to face him. His lips slammed into yours again and you stepped out of the dress. He kicked it to the side as your fingers worked the buttons of his shirt. “You’ll damage the dress.” You said with a laugh and he groaned, ripping the remaining buttons open and tearing the shirt off. “I’ll buy you 50, Hell, I’ll buy you 100.” He growled before pushing you back onto the bed. “What ever you want baby, I’ll buy you 100.” His hard body was pressed against you, and his lips were tracing over your collarbones. 

Fuck daddy.” You hummed, his title slipping out of your mouth. He just smiled before travelling further down. His lips wrapped around your nipple, one hand holding your tit for support and the other hand massaging the other. You were speechless, watching him enjoy your body this way was making you drip. 

Jackson’s teeth grazed over your nipple and a sharp gasp left you and it felt amazing. “Tell me how you feel baby.” He told you and pulled his lips off of you with a pop and moved on to the other one. “Go on babygirl, talk to me.” He coaxed as one of his hands moved down to your panties rubbing you through the lace. 

Fuck daddy, I just want you to fuck me.” You were surprised at how desperate your own voice sounded and you wanted to bet you wouldn’t recognize yourself if you saw you. “That’s more like it.” Jackson mumbled and moved down further, his tongue dragging over your stomach. 

Your hands tangled in his hair, feeling so incredibly needy as Jackson’s hands made sure to touch you everywhere. Spreading your legs, Jackson placed a palm on your thigh, pressing it into the mattress and holding your legs apart. A hot kiss was placed on your clit through your panties, followed by a smirk at your reaction. He repeated his actions, only this time rolling his tongue over your sensitive nub afterwards and you were frustrated. It wasn’t enough. 

Finally, he pulled your panties down and tossed them to the other side of the room to be discovered later. Your legs were forcibly spread (not that you minded) and his tongue slowly dragged up your slit, making sure to tease you. Your legs went to close on instinct but his hands were stronger. Holding you down, he wrapped his arms around your thighs and brought you closer to his face. Jackson looked at your face before taking your clit into his mouth and sucking harshly. He was done playing games. 

Jackson wanted you shaking, he wanted you cumming and he wanted you to be his. He was trying in the only way he knew how, to make you his. 

You gripped onto his hair tighter, his tongue drawing circles over your clit as he did so. He hummed against your skin and your back arched in reaction. The coil in your belly was already starting to tighten and he had barely touched you. One of Jackson’s hands mvoed from your thigh to your slit. As he sucked on your clit, his fingers traced your slit before slipping one in. Your back arched again and he felt more and more confident, adding another finger. 

He made “come here” motions and he could feel you tightening around his fingers. “Jackson, fuck please Jackson.” You pleaded only for him to pause. “I’m sorry, that’s not what you should be calling me babydoll.” He said and looked at you with dark eyes. “I’m sorry daddy, please, just please don’t fucking stop.” You said and through your head back, feeling your orgasm fast approaching. 

He listened, keeping up his pace and feeling you starting to contract around his fingers. “That’s it, cum for me. Show me who you belong too.” He growled and you moaned in response, your orgasm taking over you with full force. His hand moved to your hips, pinning you down as you arched your back to hold you down. His tongue kept at it and you were shaking, a moaning mess of incoherent words. 

Jackson slowly pulled away, watching your body in after shock. Your legs closed and you looked at him through hooded eyes. “Fuck.” You whispered to yourself and Jackson started undoing his slacks. He was stood at the end of the bed and you managed to move to the edge of the bed and resting on your knees. 

Your hand extended the second his pants were off, reaching for the waistband of his briefs. “Eager all of a sudden huh?” He said and helped you take off his briefs. “Been eager the whole time.” You mumbled and leaned over, taking him into your mouth. 

Your lips were wrapped around his tip, allowing your tongue to swirl over it. A deep groan amitted from his throat and his hands immediately shot to your hair. “Jesus fucking christ.” He moaned and held your head in his hands. His hips slowly started moving and you hollowed out your cheeks. Every now and then your tongue swirled over his cock as he face fucked you, he was getting harsher and harsher each thrust. 

Holy shit, I gotta stop before I cum.” He said and pulled your lips off of him with a harsh pop. He leaned over pressing his forehead to yours and you looked at him with doe eyes. You felt like you were high off of him. “Can you get anymore perfect?” He grumbled and moved his hand to your jaw. Your bodies moved back up the bed together, his own hovering over you. 

Jackson harshly grabbed your hips and placed himself between your legs. You looked at him, your eyes flowing down his body and admiring his physique. Jackson was incredibly attractive and you felt lucky. 

He placed the head of his cock at your entrance, teasing you. Jackson stopped and slowly entered you, gripping your thighs while at it. You watched him enter you, your bottom lip clenched in between your teeth. You felt full, stretched out and in heaven. 

Babydoll you’re so fucking tight.” His hand moved up, gripping your ass harshly before starting to move. Your head got thrown back at his sudden force and a small squeal left your mouth. Your wrapped your arms around his neck and Jackson picked up pace. His thrusts were harsh and deep and had you bracing yourself each time. 

Jackson grabbed your thighs again and moved them, pressing them against your chest. The new angle took your breath away and Jackson smirked, picking up the pace once more. He hit your gspot, revelling in the sound you made before leaning down and kissing you again. “Holy shit.” You breathed and looked down at where you two were connected. One of Jackson’s hands moved to your hair, gripping the strands and forcing you to keep watching. “Watch me fuck you.” He demanded and the sight made you clench around him. “Watch me make you fucking cum.” He growled and a small scream left you. 

Daddy…” You couldn’t even finish your sentence, your body was doing everything in its power to not cum yet. You didn’t want it to be over. “You gonna cum for me baby?” Jackson asked, feeling his own body tense up. “Oh shit, I’m cumming.” You told him, your body tightening up and shaking. 

Jackson pulled out of you, only to settle with his face between your legs. Using, his tongue to ride out your orgasm, your legs clamped around his head. He moved away slowly and your body shook in aftershock. Jackson moved back up your body, kissing you slowly and you could taste yourself on his lips. “One more babydoll, can you handle that?” 

You nodded weakly in his direction. Jackson helped you, flipping you over onto your stomach. Your back arched and you rested on your knees, your upper body still flat on the bed. His hands moved to your waist, massaging the flesh before entering you once again. Your pussy was so sensitive, immediately clenching around him. “Fuck.” You heard from behind you. You pushed your face into his pillows and gripped the sheets around you as he started fucking you again. 

Jackson’s pace was unforgivable, chasing his own high. Your squeals were soaked up by the pillows and Jackson leaned over, pressing kisses to the back of your neck. “Does it feel good baby?” He whispered in your ear. “Too good.” You moaned, pulling your face out of the pillow. “I’m gonna cum again, daddy.” You whimpered and moved back up. “Hold it for me baby, I’m close.” He said and let out a grunt at your pussy clenching around him again. 

Daddy, I can’t hold it.” You whimpered, feeling your body give in as you came. Jackson pulled out of you, releasing over your lower back and ass. Your were shaking, your knees threatening to give out under you. You felt so good you had tears in your eyes. Jackson rested a moment breathing heavily before noticing the mess he made. “Oh wait a minute.” He said and went to grab a wash cloth. You remained on the bed and your legs still shook as you caught your breath. 

I’m sorry.” Jackson said as the warm wash cloth ran over your back and ass, gently. “You’re fine.” You said and allowed your body to relax in the sheets. Jackson left again, to grab you some underwear and you sunk into his pillow, his scent being quite addictive. 

Here you go doll.” His voice snapping you out of your sleepy daze. “Oh thanks.” You said and slipped on your panties. Jackson was sat on the side of the bed, only in his boxers. Jackson huffed, before looking at you. 

Would that have happened if we did this the right way?” Jackson mumbled and put his head in his hands. There was a sudden change in moods in the room and it left you feeling coldness from him. “I think it would have.” You answered, placing a hand on his shoulder before moving behind him for a hug. His hands grabbed yours, pulling your chest against his back tighter. 

He turned around in your arms and pushed you back into the bed. “Let’s just go to sleep, babydoll.” Jackson mumbled into the crook of your neck as you two settled underneath the sheets. 


The next morning, you woke up to a cold and empty bed. The warm, sensual feelings from the night before long gone. You sat up, noticing Jackson had slipped his silk shirt onto you in your sleep. You smiled at the fabric, Jackson’s sweet actions from the last two days ringing on your mind. 

Then you remembered, you weren’t his girlfriend and he wasn’t your boyfriend. But Hell, you were still happy. You had beautiful new clothing, a huge roof over your head and an attractive man to live with. 

Shiny paper in front of the bed caught your eyes and you leaned over to see more shopping bags on the floor. You got out of his bed and moved around to the bags, curiousity coming out more than you cared to admit. There was a letter resting on top of the biggest bag.

Good morning babydoll,

I took the liberty of getting some more clothes for you, but the ones in this bag. I want to see you in when I get home tonight.

See you tonight,


You read the letter and cocked an eyebrow in confusion. You pulled a box out of the bag and opened it quickly. You were nervous and for some reason, your heart was pounding in your chest. Inside the box was a bodysuit. Soft pink with blue flowers embroidered into the sheer fabric. 

You smiled to yourself and took it out of the box, along with the rest of the clothes. Lingerie, everyday clothing and night gowns etc, he really had thought of everything.

You reached for your phone and dialed Jae-in’s number. 

Hey sugar baby, how’s the rich life treating you?” 


A/N: I might have hyped up this smut for too long so sorry if it was disappointing also sorry it took so long. 

I want to like GOT7 but there’s always some …

I want to like GOT7 but there’s always some kind of lowkey drama going on that always makes me halt. Like there’s just something about most of the members that’s very weird; they just give me weird vibes. & when I feel like I’m cool w/ the band their latest releases are just not my type. I know it’s petty & this kind of reasoning is vague, but it’s b/c I want to like them, I listen to some of their songs regularly, but there’s this unknown force telling me “don’t do it.. it’s not worth it..“

Although some people think that GOT7 aren’t su…

Although some people think that GOT7 aren’t successful enough especially in South Korea, myself as an ahgase, I think that they’re doing more than just fine. They seem to be happy with who they are as a group and are really proud of themselves for how far they’ve come. They don’t need to be in the public eye to know that they have many fans supporting them. GOT7 have said multiple times that as long that they have ahgase they’re happy and that’s enough for me. I also feel like GOT7 success isn’t shoved in your face so perhaps that’s why people seem to think they’re not successful.

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