Mingi had you tucked behind him. His broad shoulders being the only thing in your line of sight as you were guided to the party. You picked up the bottom of your dress to keep it from dragging on the floor as you and Mingi entered the elevator.  He stood a foot in front of you, his back still facing you. 

The security swept the party. Seems like everything is clear.” His deep voice said and glanced back to you. His eyes lingered a little longer, taking the moment to admire you in your charity ball gown. The light shade of pink made you look like a princess and the way your cheeks were flushed made him feel bad. Your father was pushing you into danger, but he was greatfull on the other hand. Otherwise he would never have met you. 

Don’t worry, miss. We have everything under control.” He said in the hopes to make you less nervous. “How many times do I have to tell you to call me by my first name.” You told him with a soft smile. “Sorry miss.” Mingi responded and you laughed slightly. 

You took a step forward, your shoulder brushing Mingi’s. You grabbed his hand, needing some physical comfort before entering the event. Mingi had to refrain from smiling all too big.

Your hand released his the second the door opened and you both exited, continuing the appearingly professional relationship you two had. 

The charity ball raged on, Mingi keeping a watchful eye on everyone around you. Men asked you to dance and he just grit his teeth and bit through it as he watched you. The man walked you back to your chair, where Mingi stood, taking note of the hand on your lower back, he was jealous.

Mingi, can you take a break for a minute?” You asked and Mingi looked concerned. “Why, what’s wrong?” He asked, panic in his voice. “I’ve been dancing with these men I never met. I really just want do dance with you. One dance, please?” You asked with a small pout. Mingi really wasn’t supposed to do this. But he felt something for you, not only the need to protect you (his job) but the need to comfort you and make you happy. 

Yeah, sure.” He said, getting up and straightening out his suit. You smiled and took his hand in yours, leading him to the dance floor. You placed his hand on your waist and your own on his shoulder. Your other hands laced together. Classical music played in the background and you were face to face with him, looking up to his eyes. His normally stoïc expression softened, a smile on his face as you two swayed to the music. 

He twirled you, feeling like the people around you two disappearing. Mingi felt like a cliché but he couldn’t hide how good this felt. He felt a surge of confidence, pulling you closer to him. Your chest pressing against his. 

I forgot to tell you this when we left your house, but you look absolutely beautiful.” Mingi said and you hid your face in his chest. You both ditched the ballroom stance of dancing and opted for something more comfortable, both of his arms wrapping around you tightly. “Mingi.” You started, feeling your heartrate quickening, you loved him. 

The inear Mingi wore started picking up the rest of his team speaking. “I think there might be a problem.” One of the men on the line said and Mingi immediately stiffened up. You noticed the change in his demeanor and glanced around the room. “Gun!” someone yelled, the room turning to total utter chaos. 

Mingi immediately locked eyes with the gunman, spinning you both around as the gun fired. His back turned towards the gunman and you locked eyes with the man as one of the other security guards tackled him to the floor. 

Everything happened so fast. The mood switch, the gunfire, the screaming and the panic. You looked to Mingi and his facial expression was harsh and painstricken. He let out a groan before nearly collapsing on the floor, the weight of his body taking you down with him. Your pink dress now stained with red and his grip around your waist limp. His eyes were locked on you, still full of life but his breath was laboured. 

Mingi had taken a bullet for you, but not because it was his job.


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